Creative Writing Program

The Woodside Creative Writing magnet is composed of students who are dedicated to learning the craft of storytelling in multiple forms. Students will take one creative writing course each year that will develop and build their skills in various genres of writing such as poetry, fiction, playwriting, and more. Creative Writing students create, edit, and publish the following original publications:

  • Whispers from the Wood, a semesterly digital and print literary magazine
  • Seniors Speak, an annual digital literary magazine for senior Creative Writing students
  • The Wolverine Press, a quarterly digital school newspaper
Creative Writing students perform in two showcases each year, SPITFIRE, in the fall, and Rhapsodic in the spring. Students also have the opportunity to compete at the district and state level, as well as take part in multiple field trips and immersive experiences throughout the year. Students who are interested in joining the creative writing magnet should contact [email protected] for more information or follow them on instagram at @woodsidecreativewriting.