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Michele Robison Chapter of the National Honor Society - A club that adheres to four main facets:

  • Leadership
  • Character
  • Service
  • Scholarship 


Membership in the Michele Robison Chapter of National Honor Society is an honor bestowed upon exceptional Woodside High School scholars.  Selection for membership is by a faculty council and is based on outstanding scholarship, character, leadership, and service.  Once selected, members have the responsibility to continue to demonstrate these qualities. 


Invitations are extended to juniors in the spring and seniors in the fall who have a cumulative grade point average of 3.20 or better. After fall semester grades are calculated and report cards distributed, juniors who meet the minimum cumulative grade point average will be given instructions on the induction process.  In the fall, seniors who meet the 3.20 minimum cumulative grade point average will be offered the opportunity to apply.

Application Process

Students are not automatically inducted into the National Honor Society solely based upon their 3.20 cumulative grade point average.  An application packet must completed; it requires the following:  an application, a letter discussing his or her scholarship, character, leadership, and service, and recommendations from two sponsors (one must be a current Woodside activity).  As this organization revolves around community involvement, applicants are expected to have current experience with volunteering in some capacity within the Newport News community, which will be detailed in the application.  In addition, an applicant’s current teachers rate the student in the areas of character, leadership, and service as it applies to the classroom.  

Faculty Council Selection

The faculty council is comprised of a panel of five teachers from Woodside High School.  Since NHS is more than just an honor roll, the faculty council carefully examines each student's qualities as described in his or her letter and detailed application as well as all accompanying references.  Selection to the Michele Robison Chapter of NHS is a privilege, not a right.  Membership is not automatically conveyed simply because a student has achieved the required GPA.

Notification of Members

Upon selection by the faculty council, the advisors contact the parents of the students who are chosen to become new members.  New members will be recognized at an induction ceremony during the school day.  Advisors will have letters distributed to any students who are not selected for membership following the ceremony.  Juniors who are not selected may reapply for consideration in the fall of their senior year if they again meet the GPA requirements. 


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