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Center for the Arts and Communications at Woodside High School



  • Woodside Magnet Information and Magnet Course Requirements

  • NNPS Division Magnet Application deadline is January 4th. Only rising freshman should submit applications online, all other applications should be submitted directly to Woodside High School.

About the Magnet Program

The Arts and Communications Magnet Program brings to Newport News an educational opportunity designed to meet the needs of several different groups of students.  For some, the magnet offers preparations for further education or training in the arts and communications, whether at a college or university, conservatory, specialized training program, or arts organization.  Other students will enter the magnet to prepare for employment in the arts or communications right after high school.  Other students will not necessarily be planning on careers in the arts or communications, but will be seeking the opportunity to pursue their love for these fields, an avocation that brings satisfaction and enjoyment to their lives.

The magnet program adds a resource and option to the Newport News schools but in no way diminishes the arts programs at other Newport News high schools.  The magnet offers a more intensive option, not a centralization of arts programs.  The full arts programs at the other high schools will continue to meet the needs of most students.  Similarly, the magnet program will not reduce or replace the Summer Institute for the Arts.

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What are "the arts" and "communications?"

The arts on which the magnet program concentrates are music, the visual arts, dance, drama, and creative writing.  The magnet also offers a concentration in communications, which brings together elements of journalism, public relations, and broadcasting. 

What are the objectives of the program?

  • To prepare students who are interested in careers in the arts and communications to:
  • Enter college level programs in the arts or communications, or
  • Continue for additional training in the arts or communications, or
  • Seek entry-level employment in the arts or communications.
  • Provide students with opportunities to develop the knowledge, understanding, and skills that will strengthen their appreciation of and performance in the arts, regardless of whether they intend to pursue a career in the arts.
  • To take advantage of the power of the arts to develop skills in analysis, interpretation, evaluation, and problem-solving, skills that can be applied to all areas of study.
  • To make students aware of careers and educational opportunities in the arts and communications.

What grade levels are offered in the magnet program?

Most students will enter as ninth graders and will remain in the magnet program for four years.  Eleventh and twelfth graders may be accepted if they can demonstrate that they are proficient enough to take the courses taken by the eleventh or twelfth graders.

How do I apply for the magnet program?

Complete the Magnet Applications Form, which is available at any Newport News school and may also be obtained from the Newport News Public Schools Administration Building at 124665 Warwick Blvd.  Follow the instructions for completing and submitting the applications in the booklet Options and Opportunities: A Guide to School Choices for Your Child.

Application due date is January 10th. Applications may be submitted to your child's current school, the Administration Building, or to Woodside High School, but must be in by January 13th. Any submissions after that date will be placed on the waiting list.  

To learn more about the magnet program, click here or contact Katie Sheehansmith, Program Director at 757-886-7530 ext: 61566, or email to -

Summer Institute Applications (SIA) are now available on the school system’s website. See your art teacher for details!


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