The Center for Arts and Communications at Woodside High School

Amy Insley, Magnet Administrator
(757) 886-7530 x.61566

The Arts and Communications magnet program offers Newport News students the opportunity for intensive study in the Arts as part of a full and well-balanced academic program. Students participate in many show case events in which they apply what they learn. Through these events, students gain experience in the teamwork that brings creative events to life.

The arts on which the magnet program concentrates are music, the visual arts, dance, drama, and creative writing.  The magnet also offers a concentration in communications, which brings together elements of journalism, public relations, and broadcasting.

What is distinctive about this program?

  • Arts and communications instruction, experiences and resources at a depth, level and rigor not found in other Newport News high schools
  • Opportunities to pursue an intensive study of the arts to enhance the student’s overall academic program
  • Chance to work with and learn from guest artists who are working professionals in the arts and communications field
  • Interdisciplinary study linking the arts with other subjects
  • Writing conferences, performance showcases and other submission based evaluation forums of student work expected annually, along with opportunities to work with professional guest artists

Magnet students have the opportunity to concentrate their studies within a well-balanced academic program. In addition to their courses in the arts, students receive a comprehensive education in English, social studies, math, science, foreign languages, health and physical education.

How does this magnet program prepare youth for careers?

The magnet program will prepare students for a wide array of careers in the arts and communications including performers, teachers, writers, camera operators, directors, composer/arrangers, announcers, choreographers and sound technicians. Students are encouraged to pursue these careers further in the college or vocational training setting post high school. For students planning careers in fields other than arts and communications, the magnet program offers a chance to increase their knowledge and ability in these areas.

Who is eligible?

Students interested in an in-depth rigorous program for the Arts and for Communications are encouraged to apply. While there are no entrance requirements, students must maintain a certain GPA, have no significant discipline and have good attendance to stay in the program. All rising ninth-grade students are welcome to apply. Current Woodside magnet students and their siblings have priority admission to Woodside’s magnet program. In addition, Huntington Middle School magnet students also have priority but will need to complete an application.

How do I apply?

All students who wish to attend magnet programs must submit a Magnet School Application by the January deadline. Applications are available at any Newport News school, the Administration Building and on the Newport News Public Schools website at

Transportation is provided to all magnet program students who reside in Newport News.