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For counseling help, please call (757) 886-7530 (Fax: 886-0641).

Counselor Directory

title Name
School Counseling Director Andrea Simon
Professional School Counselor Natalie King
Professional School Counselor Wallace Watson
Professional School Counselor Chanique Byrd
Professional School Counselor Lori Thaler
Professional School Counselor Laura Keyes
Professional School Counselor Lawrence Turner
Student Assistance Counselor Celestal Powell
College & Career Specialist Geraldine White
Records Secretary Mary Parker
Graduation Coach Sharon Williams


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Attention all Seniors and Parents of College Bound Seniors: Many colleges have decided to no longer accept SAT/ACT scores sent directly from the applicant's high school. It is the recommendation of the school counseling department that each student send official copies of test scores to the university directly from the College Board. Students may choose up to 4 colleges/universities at the time of registration for the test or on test day at no charge. After that point, you must go to the College Board or ACT website to request that official scores are sent to the schools to which one is applying. Please note: There is a $10 charge (per school) for requesting scores after registration/test day.

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SAT Information:

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AP Information: All students enrolled in an AP course are expected to take the AP Exam associated with that course.  The score a student earns on the AP test has the potential to earn them college credits, so it is important to take these tests seriously and prepare sufficiently for them. 

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