Woodside High School

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Woodside High School, a Fully Accredited High School, is located in the northern end of Newport News (on the Newport News - York County line).  Woodside opened its doors to students in September 1996, offering students a unique learning environment in that it contains three learning "houses" designed to break down the larger school into several smaller, more personal learning environments.

Mission Statement

School experiences at Woodside empower students to embrace new challenges and explore diverse options as they craft their future in an ever changing society.  To foster academic and social development, we embody five habits for success:  reason, right, responsibility, respect, and resilience.

Vision Statement

It is the goal of Woodside to develop graduates who are self-directed learners, collaborative workers, complex thinkers, quality producers, and community contributors.

The Wolverine Walk

The Wolverine Walk Consists of the 5 "R's":

  • Responsibility - to be accountable for yourself and to respond wisely
  • Right - to know and to do what is right and ethical
  • Reason - to act with purpose and good sense
  • Respect - to have self-regard and to show respect for others
  • Resilience - to bounce back from adversity

Essential Learning at Woodside

  • Self-directed learner
  • Collaborative worker
  • Complex thinker
  • Quality producer
  • Community Contributor

Woodside Student Goals

  • Establish a 3.0 GPA or increase my GPA by 10%
  • Miss no more than 2 days each semester
  • Participate in at least one school activity, sport, or club
  • Attend at least one athletic event and one fine arts event each semester

Woodside Accomplishments

  • Met the No Child Left Behind AYP Benchmarks
  • Fully Accredited High School
  • Made Newsweek's Magazine Top 500 Best High Schools in America List
  • AAA State Girls' Softball Championship, 2001
  • AAA State Basketball Champions for 2004 & 2005

The Center for Arts & Communication Magnet at Woodside High School

artWoodside is also the home of Newport News Public School's Center for the Arts and Communications Magnet Program offering an educational opportunity designed to meet the needs of several different groups of students. For some, the magnet offers preparations for further education or training in the arts and communications, whether at a college or university, conservatory, specialized training program, or arts organization. Other students will enter the magnet to prepare for employment in the arts or communications right after high school. Some students will not necessarily be planning on careers in the arts or communications, but will be seeking the opportunity to pursue their love for these fields, an avocation that brings satisfaction and enjoyment to their lives. Learn more about the Center for the Arts and Communications Magnet Program at Woodside High School.


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